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Serving all of Brisbane’s eastern suburbs, Tingalpa Fencing stands as the vanguard of Colorbond fencing, marrying expertise with affordability. Our offerings don’t just resonate with excellence, but they also ensure our patrons enjoy competitive rates, unparalleled product quality, and meticulous installation.

Our Colorbond fencing range meticulously adheres to Australian specifications. We understand one size doesn’t fit all; thus, our options span across three key heights – 1200, 1500, and 1800mm, with flexible widths to cater to diverse needs. And for those unique fencing requirements? Customised panels are a mere request away.

Navigating the challenges of rough terrains or uneven surfaces? Colorbond fencing is your answer. These modular units seamlessly adapt, be it for hills or other topographical nuances. They’re not just functional; they’re versatile. From garden barriers to disguising compost zones, the potential applications are myriad. With some creative flair, tapering end sections can even counterwind stress and elevate the fence’s visual allure.

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Why Australia Embraces Colorbond

The crescendo of Colorbond’s popularity in Australia is unmistakable. Their aesthetic appeal seamlessly aligns with their robustness, compliance with industry standards, and remarkable resilience. Rust, rot, or termite? Colorbond scoffs at them. Their customisable nature only amplifies their allure.

After installation? Sit back and bask in its longevity. Routine maintenance is minimal, just occasional cleaning. And with a 10-year warranty, peace of mind is a given.

Diverse Profiles, Distinctive Colours

Tingalpa Fencing’s Colorbond repository is sourced from an array of top-tier suppliers. This rich variety translates to a plethora of styles, ensuring a fit for every aesthetic preference. Inspired by the hues of the Australian landscape, our colour palette promises a match for every discerning taste.

Elevate with Lattice Fences

For those looking to add an elegant touch, our lattice screening add-ons provide the perfect complement. Whether you lean towards traditional lattice, horizontal slatted, or vertical picket styles, they seamlessly layer atop your Colorbond fence, enhancing its charm.

Robust Colorbond Gates

Seeking a sturdy gate? Look no further. Perfect for pet-proofing or ensuring privacy, our gates are the epitome of strength, forged from expertly welded steel frames and Colorbond panels.

Discover More with Tingalpa Fencing

Tingalpa Fencing beckons those curious about our extensive Colorbond range. Our customer-centric team is eager to guide you. Whether you prefer a call, an email, or an in-person chat, we’re here, awaiting your engagement. Join the Colorbond revolution today!

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Colorbond Fence Installation COntractors in Brisbane

Mastering Colorbond Fence Installation on Uneven Terrains

Installing a Colorbond fence in Brisbane, especially on an uneven or sloped landscape, is a task that demands precision and expertise. Understandably, no two landscapes are identical, making each installation a unique project.

During our preliminary assessment, we meticulously evaluate the topography of your land. A crucial factor under scrutiny is how the bottom rail of the Colorbond fence will settle on the landscape.

Key Considerations in Colorbond Fence Installation

The pivotal concern is the potential gap that might emerge post-installation. Ideally, on a flat surface, the bottom Colorbond fence rail snugly fits, leaving virtually no gap—a scenario we deem as optimal for Colorbond fence installations. However, landscapes often deviate from this ideal. For uneven or sloped terrains, we provide two distinct Colorbond fence installation methods, tailored to ensure optimal aesthetic and functional outcomes.

Stepped Finish: In this method, the Colorbond fence descends stepwise along the slope. The starting point of the fence post/rail is anchored where it touches the ground. As the terrain slopes, the fence rail maintains a strict 90-degree angle for the standard 2.4-meter panel length. Depending on the landscape’s steepness, a gap might arise at the bottom end. To address this, we offer the integration of a ‘plinth’—either steel or timber—designed to fill this gap up to an approximate height of 200mm. For these installations, we employ extended Colorbond fence posts to ensure they are anchored deep enough for stability.

Sloped/Raked Finish: This technique sees the Colorbond fence aligning seamlessly with the slope, ensuring the bottom rail remains parallel to the terrain over the 2.4-meter standard panel length. This method requires longer fence sheets to account for the terrain’s gradient. Understandably, this installation, given its precision and the need for additional materials, entails more intricate work to customize the fence panel in accordance with the landscape.

Guidance for Potential Clients

As you embark on your Colorbond fencing journey, it’s imperative to seek detailed insights during the quote phase. Inquire with the professional about any specific considerations your landscape might necessitate to achieve your envisioned finish for the Colorbond fence.

Entrust your fencing needs with seasoned experts who prioritize accuracy, aesthetics, and durability. Choose wisely, and let your Colorbond fence stand as a testament to quality and craftsmanship.

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Colorbond offers a robust, sleek and clean finish. Manufactured from Bluescope steel, your colorbond fence will last for 20+ years.



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