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Fence Builder Burbank and Surrounding Suburbs

Tingalpa Fencing is your trusted fencing contractor servicing Burbank, Qld 4156, providing high-quality fencing solutions for residential and commercial properties.

With expertise in colorbond, timber, and aluminium fencing, we offer durable and visually appealing fences that enhance the security and aesthetics of your premises.

Our professional team specialises in fence installation and repair, ensuring precise craftsmanship and attention to detail. From standard fences to custom designs, we cater to your unique requirements.

Additionally, we are experts in building sturdy retaining walls. As a reliable and experienced commercial fencing contractor, we understand the importance of security for your business. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Transform your property with our top-notch fencing services. Contact us today for a free consultation, and let us bring your vision to life. Call 07 3801 6509 or complete an enquiry form on this page.

Our Services

colorbond fencing contractors


Colorbond offers a robust, sleek and clean finish. Manufactured from Bluescope steel, your colorbond fence will last for 20+ years.



Timber fencing provides a natural look. If you build using hardwood posts, you can expect to get many years from your fence.



Aluminium fencing gives a refined modern look to your property. It doesn’t rot or rust. It is lightweight and will look great for years to come.



It is important that you get a professional to build your retaining wall so that it remains strong, true and looks great for years.



Commercial fencing projects are a specialised area. Speak to experienced professionals to ensure your investment lasts.

Request a Prompt and Accurate Estimate From a Qualified Tradesman

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Burbank: A Nature Lovers Paradise (Postcode 4156)

Burbank, a vibrant suburb located in Queensland, Australia, is a hidden gem nestled within the picturesque surrounds of postcode 4156. With its serene atmosphere, abundant natural beauty, and convenient location, Burbank offers residents a truly remarkable place to call home.

One of the most appealing aspects of Burbank is its lush green landscape. The suburb is renowned for its sprawling acreage properties and spacious residential blocks, providing a sense of tranquillity and privacy that is highly sought after. Nestled in the heart of the suburb is the picturesque Brisbane Koala Bushlands (137 Alperton Rd, Burbank QLD 4156), a haven for nature lovers. The forest offers an array of walking and biking trails, allowing residents to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Australian bushland.

In addition to its natural attractions, Burbank boasts excellent connectivity to both Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The suburb is conveniently located just 25 kilometres southeast of Brisbane’s central business district, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a peaceful retreat while still having easy access to urban amenities. The nearby Gateway Motorway provides a seamless connection to Brisbane Airport, ensuring convenient travel for both business and leisure purposes.

Burbank is also home to a thriving equestrian community. The suburb’s ample acreage properties make it an ideal location for horse enthusiasts, with many residents having their own stables and riding arenas. Several equestrian centres and riding schools are scattered throughout the area, catering to riders of all ages and skill levels. This strong equestrian culture gives Burbank a unique charm and sense of community.

Families are drawn to Burbank for its excellent educational facilities. The suburb falls within the catchment area of highly regarded public and private schools, ensuring children have access to quality education. Additionally, there are several childcare centres and preschools in the vicinity, making it an ideal suburb for families with young children.

Burbank also offers a range of recreational facilities to cater to the diverse interests of its residents. The local Burbank Park (1475 Mount Cotton Rd, Burbank QLD 4156) is a popular spot for picnics, sporting activities, and leisurely walks, while the Burbank Soccer Club provides opportunities for soccer enthusiasts to engage in friendly competition. For those seeking retail therapy, the nearby Westfield Carindale is a major shopping centre that offers a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

In conclusion, Burbank is a suburb that embodies the best of both worlds – a peaceful retreat in close proximity to urban amenities. Its stunning natural surroundings, strong equestrian culture, excellent educational facilities, and thriving community make it a highly desirable place to live. Whether you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life or raise a family in a serene environment, Burbank in QLD’s postcode 4156 offers an idyllic lifestyle that is second to none.