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Fencing Contractor Carindale and Surrounding Suburbs

Tingalpa Fencing is a reputable and experienced fencing contractor based in Carindale, Qld 4152. We specialize in providing top-quality colorbond, timber, and aluminium fencing solutions for residential and commercial properties.

With our expertise in fence installation, repair, and supply, we ensure that your fencing needs are met with precision and craftsmanship. Our skilled team of professionals is dedicated to delivering durable and visually appealing fences that enhance the security and curb appeal of your property.

In addition to our comprehensive fencing services, we also specialise in designing and constructing retaining walls. Our retaining walls not only serve their functional purpose but also add structure and beauty to your landscape.

As a trusted commercial fencing contractor, we understand the unique requirements of businesses. Our commercial fencing solutions are tailored to provide the utmost security and protection for your commercial premises.

At Tingalpa Fencing, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We use high-quality materials and employ industry-leading techniques to ensure that every project is completed to the highest standards.

Transform your property today with Tingalpa Fencing’s exceptional fencing solutions. Contact us at 07 3801 6509 or complete an enquiry form on this page.

Our Services

colorbond fencing contractors


Colorbond offers a robust, sleek and clean finish. Manufactured from Bluescope steel, your colorbond fence will last for 20+ years.



Timber fencing provides a natural look. If you build using hardwood posts, you can expect to get many years from your fence.



Aluminium fencing gives a refined modern look to your property. It doesn’t rot or rust. It is lightweight and will look great for years to come.



It is important that you get a professional to build your retaining wall so that it remains strong, true and looks great for years.



Commercial fencing projects are a specialised area. Speak to experienced professionals to ensure your investment lasts.

Request a Prompt and Accurate Estimate From a Qualified Tradesman

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Carindale: A Vibrant Suburb in Queensland (Postcode 4152)

Located in the picturesque state of Queensland, Carindale stands as a vibrant and thriving suburb, offering residents and visitors a remarkable blend of natural beauty, modern amenities, and a close-knit community. With its convenient location just 10 kilometres east of Brisbane’s central business district, Carindale is a highly sought-after residential area with a unique charm and a postcode of 4152. Let us delve into the remarkable features and attractions that make Carindale a delightful place to live, work, and explore.

One of the standout features of Carindale is its abundance of lush green spaces and parks. The suburb is renowned for its extensive recreational areas, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation. Majestic parks like the popular Carindale Recreation Reserve and the serene Belmont Hills Reserve offer residents a refreshing escape from the urban hustle and bustle. These scenic spaces are perfect for picnics, family gatherings, or simply unwinding amidst nature’s splendour.

In addition to its natural allure, Carindale boasts an exceptional range of modern amenities that cater to the needs of its residents. At the heart of the suburb lies Westfield Carindale, one of Queensland’s largest and most prestigious shopping centres. Here, visitors can indulge in a world-class retail experience with a vast array of high-end fashion brands, boutique stores, and specialty shops. The centre also houses a plethora of dining options, ranging from renowned restaurants to trendy cafes, satisfying every palate with diverse culinary delights.

Education is highly valued in Carindale, evident in the presence of top-notch educational institutions within the suburb. Families with children can choose from a variety of prestigious schools, ensuring that their young ones receive a quality education. Carindale Primary School and Citipointe Christian College are esteemed institutions that prioritize academic excellence and holistic development, providing students with a solid foundation for their future endeavours.

Carindale’s strong sense of community is another defining aspect of the suburb. The locals take pride in their close-knit neighbourhood, fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. Community events and gatherings are a regular occurrence, encouraging residents to connect, forge lasting friendships, and actively participate in shaping the suburb’s identity. The Carindale Connect initiative further strengthens community ties, promoting engagement and collaboration among residents and local businesses.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Carindale offers an abundance of sporting facilities and recreational options.  Residents can also enjoy the challenging fairways of the Pacific Golf Club, a premier golfing destination renowned for its stunning course and exceptional facilities.

Carindale’s excellent transport links contribute to its convenience and accessibility. The suburb is well-connected to neighbouring areas and the Brisbane CBD, making commuting a breeze for residents. Multiple bus routes serve the area, providing efficient public transportation options, while major arterial roads such as Old Cleveland Road and Creek Road ensure seamless connectivity for those travelling by car.

In conclusion, Carindale stands as an attractive suburb that offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty, modern amenities, and a strong community spirit. With its scenic parks, world-class shopping centre, top-notch schools, and an array of recreational facilities, Carindale provides residents with an exceptional quality of life. Whether you seek tranquillity amidst nature, retail therapy, a thriving community, or sporting pursuits, Carindale has something to offer for everyone.